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Prevent cavitation damage before it occurs.

Moog’s all-new Ultrasonic Cavitation Sensor actively detects cavitation in fluidics systems in real-time, providing instant and actionable data that helps prevent damage before it occurs.

Medical Sensors

Moog ultrasonic sensors are used every day to protect patients from air bubbles and ensure accurate fluid delivery. Learn more about Moog’s medical sensors »

Industrial Sensors

Moog’s ultrasonic cavitation sensor is built to actively detect cavitation in real-time, not just the symptoms. Learn more about Moog’s industrial sensors »

Surgical Handpieces

Recognized as best-in-class for durability and reliability, our surgical devices are used in a variety of surgical applications. Learn more about Moog’s ultrasonic surgical handpieces »


Moog is committed to providing hands-on, comprehensive support to our customers from the initial design phase through installation and ongoing operation. With us, you will always have the ability to directly contact your Moog account manager and qualified engineering support.